If you meet the person you love in your life, you can be said to be, no matter what the ending is, you can be said to be, right? It's very good to live forever. If it is, or for it, it's also very happy. After all, you have loved. You are crying for love. You are heartbroken for love. Once upon a time, two people could go crazy in the winter wind and walk in the summer rain. Even though the original lover has gone, the romantic plot is still buried in your heart. Isn't that a very thing? I remember that a book said that no matter how far she walked with you, she will eventually be separated from you. After all, there are few people born at the same time, and those who walk to the old together will not only have the separation of life and death, if you think so, even if you break up, you will not be so sad, but will bless each other's happiness. If you meet one day when you are old, you will have another taste in your heart. Many people in love can't find themselves. Some people hide themselves behind love intelligently, but they are full of happiness. Some people are willing to pay for their love, for she can not want the whole world, or have his company every day? If after Jack died, Ruth also sank to the bottom of the sea, then there would be no Titanic that was so deep that made me countless tears. The meaning of love is not to make one person sacrifice for another, but to make two people pay together and be happy with each other.